Q: What is street art?

Street art is defined as artwork that is created in a public space, ranging from illegal graffiti to commissioned outdoor murals. For the purpose of our tours and workshops, we further define street art as being artwork applied to a surface using spray paint, acrylic paint, ink, posters, and stickers. Our tours uncover other less common mediums also used as we explore the streets.


Q: How often are your tours?

We currently have two tours operating across Auckland. One in Newmarket on the first Saturday and third Sunday of the month, and one in Glen Innes on the second Saturday and fourth Sunday of the month. We plan to have tours operating in other locations in Auckland soon. 

Q: How many people per tour?

- For public tours we have a maximum limit of 15 people per tour and no minimum.

- For private tours we have an 8 person minimum group booking.

- We also have a limit of two people under 16 for every adult that is with them. 

Q: What should I bring with me?

Dress for the weather. Make sure you have comfortable walking shoes and a bottle of water. Our tours are never too far from public toilets so don't worry about getting caught short. We also carry a first-aid kit but please let us know if you have any medical conditions we should be aware of.

Q: Is there discounted pricing for children and the elderly?

Absolutely! We offer a 30% discount on general pricing for under 16 and over 65 year olds.


Q: How often are your workshops?

Our workshops are available on request. We specialize in using street art techniques and materials to provide fun and engaging learning opportunities. Our standard workshop options are for 2, 4, or 8 hour sessions but we can also tailor any workshop to your specification and requirement. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date on when and where our workshops are across Auckland.

Q: Where are your workshops held?

Our workshops are held at Corban Estate Arts Centre in Henderson and Te Oro, the music and arts centre in Glen Innes. We can also bring our workshops to you so get in touch to discuss.